Topic: Remember the 3Doodler pen?

Well, now there is one for printing cheese!


(OK, they don't actually advertise it as a cheese 3D printer, but it is so similar in operation to the 3D printing pen, I figured it belonged here :-).

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Re: Remember the 3Doodler pen?

The mother Cats of the world will be thrilled as we are learning to play with our food before we eat. And the Mother Mice are excited  at the prospect of bits of cheese all over for easy foraging .
My son was telling me about this one yesterday afternoon.
My reaction sounds like a 3d printing pen for food. 
A fun idea thanks for the post.
PS picked up a 3doodler a couple weeks ago but have not used much yet. Just got a roll of 3mm filament for it cheaper than the stick.

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