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in order to switch to PHPBB all you have to do is the name of the SQL database that this forum uses and that database password (usually admin password)
Most forums use same database access so there is no need to edit anything.

PHPBB will come with a number of improvements.
user ranks, ton of plugins such as "blocking advertisers" and more.
PHPBB is easier and has far larger community if support is ever needed
PHPBB is much more up to date then any other forum system, thus more secure

Transfer of database is simple steps during installation process. Instal is simple: u create a folder in your web root named "test" and upload all the phpbb install files there. Then you point your browser into "test/install.install.index" or something like that and follow setup proccess.
Once done,you have to delete your "install folder" and forum should be up and running.

During the setup you will specify sql database and password used by this current forum ( make sure you disable this forum first temporary for testing purposes and backup sql database and current  forum with menus it provides under admin utilities or whereever)

new forum will import all the topics and pols and what ever else enter that database so transition is very eazy.

If you like what it looks like and how it works, you can make that change permanently or simply deleting that forum "test" folder and reactivate the old one.

i've had experience with few forum systems, i think PHPBB is much easier and more admin and user friendly.

it will solve lots of problems with image postings and file attachments. all will be much easier and no need for stupid galleries and such.


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Ive considered it, but I love the speed and simplicity of punbb. I love the minimalistic approach.

Ill probably create a custom attachment system in some time.


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i see.
well phpbb has ton pf features people asking for, like getting notifications in email with PM arrives or follow users etc.
your the power man here so:)

I am more after attaching pictures to posts and have them display as a thumbnail or full scale (scaled to page).
as well as simplicity of attaching files without having to "confirm" the attachment by clicking "add" or what ever button that is.

i have not ran this kind of forum my self so i dont really know what the admin pane looks like and what features it has or what it supports, so ..



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Only as long as the look, feel and navigation stays the same as it is right now.  The forum is the best and easiest to read one that I visit, so what ever you do or not, please please please keep it the same!

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Sometimes less is more smile


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Brad wrote:

Sometimes less is more smile

+1 Leave well enough alone

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wardjr wrote:
Brad wrote:

Sometimes less is more smile

+1 Leave well enough alone

+1 this forum is really quite tidy

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