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Hello, I am assembling my new filastruder (Serial 2685). I have problem in wiring the electrical parts. I have connected all the parts according to your instruction. I got the heater, PID adn thermistor working well, so I don't have problem with them. My problem is with the second switch for motor/fan. Whenever I turn ON the second (motor/fan) switch, it turns off the parts (PID, heater and thermistor) connected to the first switch. I have drawn my wiring again in the attached image. Please check it and let me know the solution. I believe, I made mistake in wiring the switches. The switches have three pins, but I don't use the 3rd pins at all. Thanks.

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Re: Problem in electrical wiring of Filastruder

I replied to your email as well, but I suspect your polarity is reversed coming off the power supply. The PID and heater don't care about polarity, but the motor controller does. You can just reverse the leads at the motor controller if you like.

Also your diagram is missing the jumper between pins 8 and 9, but if the heater is working then you have that jumper installed on the physical unit.

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Re: Problem in electrical wiring of Filastruder

Thanks a lot. Yes, when I reversed the power supply it worked.

Also, yes, I forgot to draw connection between pin 8 and 9 but I did it in my wiring. Thanks a bunch again.


Re: Problem in electrical wiring of Filastruder


Please send few photos of your wiring I started putting together Serial no 2744.