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Topic: XYZ 1.0a extruder motor slipping

hello all,
wanted to give some feedback and possible solution to the extruder clicking noise. I have two 1.0A machines and both have the same problem.

**make sure fan cooling extruder motor shaft is on...***
even with the gear and idle wheel upgrade, if the fan isn't on the shaft gets hot and the filament softens too early
maybe the gear & wheel upgrades were not required but I still learned a lot about extruders wink

the aluminium wheel that presses the filament against the toothed gear on the motor shaft sucks- almost as if it were designed to last maybe 100 hours before the machine starts giving problems and you have to deal with XYZ's nearly nonexistent service and support team.

the teeth on the wheel wear a bit but the real problem is what happens on the inside diameter when the diameter wears down from rubbing on the shaft that hold it in place.. it starts to have too much play and so the slightest change in friction or filament retract operation causes slippage.

I used a metal shim behind the wheel to push it snug against the e-clip which got a few more hours of printing before the clicking and slipping started again.

because of how it's designed with a press-fit shaft, the simplest solution is to replace that aluminium bushing idle wheel with a steel bearing of the same size. ithe AL wheel is 3mmx13mmx7mm ( measuring the toothed grooves as outer diameter)

the closest I found was the VXB 633zz, its 3mm x 13mm x 5mm so it will require a few 3mm washers or shims behind.
bought the here
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UE … &psc=1

I'm still waiting for the bearing to arrive, but wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and what solutions you've developed.

** UPDATE ** Aluminium idle wheel was not the problem ***

replaced the wheel with the bearing and used 2 layers of DVD disk as shims(one in front, one in back)

still slipping, so the idle wheel isn't the culprit. it's the gear on the motor that is slipping.

I replaced the motor with another motor with a keyed shaft and added a steel gear with bigger teeth and it seems to be working fine now.


the Davinci XYZ 1.0A extruder motor gear is soft and the teeth are small. it wears out after. It is pressed onto the shaft so removing it is challenging.. it wasn't meant to be replaced..

replacing it with another motor with a keyed shaft now gives me the ability to change worn gears and try different styles  toothed gears and hobbed wheels.

I'm guessing the spring tensioner is another weakness in the design but I'll leave that until it becomes an issue.