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Topic: M999 Error

I received my Solidoodle 2 Pro in the mail today, and managed to get it up and running without any problems. Once I assigned it a more substantial print (45 minutes), I encountered a problem. 2/3s of the way in it stopped for this error:

Printer Stopped Due To Errors. Fix The Errors And Use M999 To Restart (Temperature Is Reset. Reset After Restarting)

I've heard this is a heat related problem due to faulty or broken parts, but I am not having any problems heating or cooling my Solidoodle. The extruder and bed reach optimal heat in about 2 or 3 minutes, and cool down within 7 or 8. I can increase or decrease heat as I like, but I cannot move the extruder head or authorize a print. I can also not retract or extrude filament. Is this a problem with my software, or do I need to repair or replace part of my machine? Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS : (This is my first 3d printer, and I'm very new and not very good at it. Please bear with me.)

Update: After a hard restart, it works again, but still, could this be a sign of damage?


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It does that when it can't read the thermistor.  It might be because of a short.  If they weren't careful when installing it, they might have let both wires coming out of the thermistor touch the brass of the barrel before they go into the wire insulation.  Or the wires might not be secure in the connector.


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I just got a new Solidoodle 3 yesterday and am getting these errors.  So my brand new investment is already broken without ever producing anything?


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Bob wrote:

I just got a new Solidoodle 3 yesterday and am getting these errors.  So my brand new investment is already broken without ever producing anything?

Just got mine today SD3 and it is doing the same thing WHAT GIVES ??


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What temperature are you running at for both things? Mine threw errors like that and spazzed out when I pushed the bed temp past 110C


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When mine did it  i was upping the temp in the nozzle to get so jammed filament out. So it seems it is a heat problem as in to much heat..


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Yeah, there are hard coded temp limits in the solidoodle firmware that cause it to flip out if you hit them.


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I was hitting the temperature limit.  There is roughly a 30 degree difference between what the SD is feeding back and the actual temperature.  220 was my goal but setting it to 220 caused the M999 error.  Set it to 190 and got exactly what I was hoping for.



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This is what happen to me. I think I also have the SD3

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I would love to be able to get this working, I am so pissed


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As in Ian's post above, it is most likely a short in the thermistor wiring...check the connections from the hot end to the control board and also from the heated bed...

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Ya, its just a thermistor short and it is a common problem and relatively easy fix.  Use the search feature for info.  If this greatly upsets you, 3D printing might not be right for you.

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+1 on the thermistor problem. I had the same error on my SD2. That drove me to replace the entire hot end/Thermistor with an E3D. No issues after that.

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