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I have recently bought a 3D printer. The SUMPOD Delta to be exact.

However, I don't know of any software I can use to get the printer to work. All i have found is standard XYZ software, and not for the delta configuration.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Re: Software for Delta 3D Printer

Either marlin or repetier supports it but you need to enable the delta drive in the firmware. It should ask what type of printer you are using. You can get the version of marlin from Johann's github or the repetier github. Repetier will support faster motion and runs better but its a little more difficult to set up. I recommend going to the delta 3d printer google group and reading up.

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Re: Software for Delta 3D Printer


Thanks for that. I am new to all of this and the setup is proving to be harder that anticipated. I am using Repetier as the software.

How do I load firmware onto the chip? I am using an ATMEGA1284P# which currently has Marlin installed



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You have to adjust the firmware to your settings and upload it like uploading marlin by selecting the repetier.pde


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Thank you for that, but i just checked the supported firmware for my board (Sanguinololu) and Repetier is not on the list.

I didn't install Marlin onto the ATMEGA in the first place either, so I really have no idea what I am doing.