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Hi guys, today i tryed my first serious print that is one component of the assassin's creed hidden blade, the printing at the beginning was going good, but after some layers one side of the component was flaking from the platform (IMG 1531) so that side was at the end uncorrect and a little burned for the contact with the extruder, and the other side (maybe because the rest of the object was curved i don't know) didn't come vertical like in the 3d file but inclined (other photos). I'm using slicer on a solidoodle 3 with abs 1.75, thanks for any help guys big_smile

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Have you tried leveling your bed?  Also what temperature were you printing at?  You need to wait until the bed is at 95 before you start printing if you are having trouble sticking.  You might want to go through some of the calibration links here:



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Yeah the bed is levelled, usually i wait until the bed is at 95° but my bed reach 82° as maximum so i have to put a cloth on it, when i remove the cloth the bed temperature in the first phase of the print return slowly to 82° with some layers printed.

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The sticking problem is resolved, now i have the last one: i printed a little cube found on thingverse without any problem so i tried with a project of mine unfortunately the printer can't print a layer above the other only slided, and other files have the problem that the filament in some points is excessive and in others is less like in the photos.

P.s the back screw ,after the last print, (the extruder went in contact with the excessive filament) it's a little pushing up.

Photos here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/109/sam1559l.jpg/ Thanks for any type of help


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As far as sticking goes, I know you solved it, but have you wiped your bed down with acetone & cleaned it well? This is important to do regularly.

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Re: Printing issues

When i will return to home i will try with acetone (i was usually to clean it wit alcohol but i forgot to clean the platform in the last prints) but this will fix also the slided layers problem?

EDIT: For the layers problem i found this on the forum, could help for my problem?

This can be caused by a few things:
The filament spool doesn't rotate freely during a print, putting too much force on the motors.
The part is too large for the build surface and/or improperly positioned. In this case the extruder may bump into the end of the axis during a print, causing the layers to shift over.
The flow rate is too high, causing blobs of plastic to build up on the part, eventually causing the extruder to get caught.
An improperly set trimpot on a Stepper Motor Driver. The trimpot, which control motor current, could be set too high or too low. The four stepper motor drivers (X, Y, Z and E) are located on the motherboard and can be adjusted with a small screwdriver. This is a tricky problem to diagnose, so we recommend you contact us first so we can walk you through it. Here are some general guidelines: If the current is too low there may be no indication except layers shifting in the X or Y direction. If the current is too high: in addition to layer shift you you may notice an slow, audible click when the printer is powered up and the motors are enabled but not moving. Gently turn the trimpot clockwise to increase current or counterclockwise to decrease current.

I had to make this adjustment for my z axis because of the same problem you are having. It was debatable if cooling the board or adjusting the trimpot solved the problem. You can also measure the overall height of your print compared to what it is supposed to be. If it is too short, it is likely you are having some sort of overheating issue.


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I make a little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hQzuGOYG-c i also download some stl files from thingverse and converted in g code. The files downloaded dont' have the shifting problems, but my files yes. I did them with sketchup and converted in stl with a plugin under the tool section, i have to do them with 3dsmax?


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Try cleaning and greasing you axis rods. I clean mine every few weeks or when I get a skip.


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Ok i will follow your suggestion, but if i have to clean and grease the axis rods why the thingverse files don't have problems?


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Maybe the thinverse file uses the sticking axis less.


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In the video I hear banging noises... whats making those noses? Is it because the nozzle is moving the lumpy plastic or is that coming from the extruder?

It shouldn't make that noise while printing.


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I didn't heard that noise no more, anyway i resolved the shifting layers drawning files again.


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The thumping was around the same spot every time. I will guess that is where the heat bed resistor screw is. When I get my z axis set too close, I can replicate the sound. My heater screws were not flush with the bed from the factory. In fact they are at a slight angle causing them to protrude from the bed surface. I reported it to Solidoodle's when my printer arrived but they never responded. I have been able to tune the printer to print over them but they always leave an impression in my prints. This is also a concern when switching to glass. The screws stick up enough that I believe they will crack the glass when I clamp the sides down or the glass won't heat proprrly due to a lack of contact.

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Just an information, why a lot uf 3d printer users choosed the glass platform? the glass is not heated right?

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Re: Printing issues

the glass is put ON the heated bed... so the heated bed heat the glass wink


Re: Printing issues

fedebirromane wrote:

I didn't heard that noise no more, anyway i resolved the shifting layers drawning files again.

You can try this website in the future:


It is a free service that will make your STL files small and fix common errors. It won't fix everything but I find it to be very useful!

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