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Topic: Da Vinci Jr: Printable Mods To Improve Performance & Reliabiltiy

Hey Guys,

I have printed a few mods to improve the performance of my Da Vinci Jr and I wanted to share them with you:

1st: Part Cooling - Fan air duct:

This helps to cool down the print and does improve the quality of the print, I have tried it printing with it on and off and it makes a difference for sure. XYZ actually designed the part and it is freely avaible from there site, I would recommend slicing it using Cura/ThreeDubber and printing on a slow speed with .1mm or less and at least 30% Infill (higher the better) and it will come out great. I printed it using the stock XYZ software when I first got the printer and I have had to sand it down to get it fitting nice and didn't print perfectly as you can see, it still does the job but I intend to reprint using Cura with finer detail.

Link to document:https://xyzprod.blob.core.windows.net/d … 100_US.pdf
I have attached the STL for the duct to the post to make it easier instead of looking on the XYZ site.

2nd: Filament filter and lubricator:
I got this from Thingiverse and so far it is stuck with some white tape to the filament entry ,I would like to make a printed part that fits tight around the filament entry but haven't had time, so if anyone wants to that would be great!
How to use add a few pieces of sponge and a few drops of mineral oil and screw together and poke the filament through, it will help to remove any dirt and dust on the filament and lubricate it and should help stop the clicking noise and allow faster more accurate prints.

Parts needed:
TFF_Male_1.75_v2.1 (Note print slowly, or drill the hole out to make the filament pass through -read the thingiverse description)


Hope it helps someone, it has helped me so I thought I would share it!

Happy printing!!!

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Re: Da Vinci Jr: Printable Mods To Improve Performance & Reliabiltiy

Has anyone else printed the fan duct? If so how is it working for you?
Has it improved your print quality? I would be interested to know as I
want to improve the design of the fan duct and extend it to allow it to cool closer to the nozzle.