Topic: ALCOA logo with text, jpeg to stl

My grandfather worked at ALCOA for a long time so when I found out he was coming to our holiday get-together, I wanted to give him something he couldn't get at a store. I decided to print the ALCOA logo and the company text with a base in some aluminum PLA I'd been thinking about purchasing.

The logo is pretty simple, so modeling it would be very easy. I've played around with a few free .jpeg to .stl converters, and found them to work OK, but I wanted I smooth finished product.

I found http://www.selva3d.com/ from a google search and figured I try it out. Creating an account was free, although they do offer a paid version, and soon I was on their workspace. Uploaded the image of the ALCOA logo and it produced basically a lithophane, but I noticed you could change transformation type from photograph to logo/text. After I changed that setting the logo came through excellent, with perfectly smooth edges. I did the same thing with their company text and that came out great too.

I added an extended base to the company text for two reasons, so that the text didn't print as just a bunch of seperate letters, and because I know he's going to put it on his desk.

I printed them both in SainSmart Aluminum PLA and they turned out great! I'll uploaded pictures to the thingiverse page and my filament review in the filament section of the forum very soon.

Here are the files if anyone else wants to print them: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2014637

This was something that was very easy to do, but something that provided a lot of happiness to someone.

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