Topic: Printing the thing universe dice...

Has anyone printed the cubic dice from here :


I've tried with RH and didn't manage to get it to work: the outer boundaries "fold up" during the first layers, then the nozzle get cought in it and the dice gets pushed away.

With pronterface, it works better, but the bottom overhang isn't too good.

RH gos inwards outwards, I guess that's what causes the folding up... and pronterface goes outwards inwards, thats what causes the plastic to fall nowhere.

Not easy to explain... so has anyone tried ?

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Re: Printing the thing universe dice...

OK, hadn't tried them before smile... so I just dl'ed the dice file and started it...I see what you mean, that is caused from too much heat letting it curl upwards... several possible cures, under cooling option(I think) in slic3r add some delay to each layer or do a fan mod to your SD or adding support may work or be more of a mess but will slow down the print and accomplish two things at once

EDIT: got a chance to try it again...couldn't find that setting in slic3r... must have been some other slicing program??? so I think the best bet is a fan.


Re: Printing the thing universe dice...

Too much heat you think... that interisting. But if it's not hot enough it won't stick. I've never tried the fan stuff. Whatever, it doesn't really matter as I don't need to print that dice at all... it just happens that for some reason that dice is the first ever print I tested two weeks ago, and it sure came out a mess... luckily I went straight on to printing my own parts and all went fine. Then I thought two days ago I'd give the dice a try again now I had more experience, but it went no better. It looks like a simple part, but it seems hard to print (neither pronterface neither slic3r seem to get it).