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Topic: Group/category suggestion

Hi everyone, new user just registered. Chose this place to hang out as there seems to be a nice solid member base.

Would really like to begin talks in an area dedicated to Finishing processes. Would be nice to have a more general area perhaps under 3D printers where there are categories like Filament etc. Would be nice to have one called "Finishing Processes & Techniques"

Really interested in various ways of finishing, would promote new ideas and ways to finish models.

Could be the following sub category under that header.


>3D Printers
  >Finishing Processes & Techniques
     >Chemical (ie Acetone)
     >Mechanical (ie sanding)
     >New ideas/Concepts/Techniques

**Some examples that may fall under the Ideas category-  Sand Blasting,Bead Blasting,Spray,Vapour,Brush/Polishing. Could even be painting prints/colourisation.

**What about even strengthening prints? For example does acetone smoothing edges increase the structural print strength by blending the surface. 

**Creating Connections/Joining sections together looking in to creating larger models from multiple sections and the most optimised joining methods. ABS Welding? I've seen a  piece of filament in a Dremel chuck look pretty successful, or even using a 3D extruder pen. So many areas in these category/fields but keeps it focused to these areas so like my self arriving at a forum can find this field.

This topic/section could give a great section focused on to these sub areas for driving creativity.

Any thoughts?


Re: Group/category suggestion

I like the idea of a finishing section, but I feel if you compartmentalize it further you're just going to end up subdividing it enough that people lose interest. With fewer categories, there's more of a crossflow of information and ideas.

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