Topic: 3Dhubs and sub topic sticky/section posibly to come

hi, I would like to start a new section for members of the 3DHubs community of over 6,000 members world wide, starting with a sub section/topic for central USA hubs called 'STL 3DHubs'. as the 3Dhubs site has a rather sparse chat section with dozens of different languages (world wide) making it difficult to navigate easy like this site plus not as good of notifications or subscribe features.

Thanks for consideration

(I can help moderate this section if needed, so it dont bog down others if it gets lots of posts)

Mitch G

Solidoodle 2 with Deluxe kit cover & glass bed with heater. and 2nd board SD2 used not 3rd and alum platform not installed yet still wood. also need cooling fan installed to board. use Repetier Host couple vers. Slic3r also have all free ware STL programs