Topic: Solidoodle Workbench upgrades

Long story short, I work in the tech dept at a K-12 school and practically run the 3d printing program here. My family and I plan on moving after this summer and while I know the other staff and students can get by running our MakerBot and LulzBot, I know that they would probably put the Solidoodle in a closet and forget about it once I leave. So I'm trying to get the machine upgraded and working well enough that the students and staff can still use it fairly easily(Slic3r and OctoPrint) once I leave.

Wish list:

1) Swap the board with something easier to flash/replace if it should ever get damaged.

2) Swap the X axis carriages.

3) Upgrade hotend.

RAMPS jumps to mind for the board swap because I have a lot of experience with RAMPS boards and can easily do a write up that the students or staff could follow. Any other suggestions?

When I was ordering some parts to refurb an SD2 I got off ebay, I noticed on the PrintItInd page for lawsy's carriages that they would work for the Workbench, has anyone switched over yet? I would love to get rid of this X axis.

Upgrading hotend to an e3d v6 single, because no one other than myself even tried to use the dual extruders. If I'm able to use lawsy's carriages, I should be able to use any of the v6 mounts for that correct?

Thanks for all your help!!!

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Re: Solidoodle Workbench upgrades

For board, personally, I would go with the Rumba if you want to keep it simple. It is a very easy board to set up and flash, and is more robust than RAMPS. It is a little more costly, but well worth it. I have both of my SD4s running on Rumba boards.
Makerfarm.com is the US supplier for Rumba. http://www.makerfarm.com/index.php/prin … board.html
(highly recommend you get the USB cable with it)

Not being familiar with the mechanics of the Workbench, I really cant comment on the rest of your question.

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