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Topic: davinci 1.0a with repetier print issues

hey everyone im having issues printing abs with repetier on my flashed davinci 1.0a. ( photos for reference) as you can tell im having some odd layer shrinkage that is making my prints come out really bad. im not sure how to adjust the printer to fix this issue. any help would be awesome. i am using slic3r as my slicing software

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Re: davinci 1.0a with repetier print issues

Could be under extrusion. Did you measure the diameter of the filament and set your slicer accordingly? Every roll will be different and the printer must be recalibrated with every roll change and type of material.

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Re: davinci 1.0a with repetier print issues

no i didn't do that. actually didn't know i had to do that thanks. ill give it a try and see how it dose.