Topic: My self-made FreeLSS Scanner Project

Hello all,
My name is Adam, my job is putting 3D printers and laser engravers to work, and I figured a 3D scanner would be a boon to my livelihood.  Found FreeLSS and the Atlas files on Thingiverse, decided to try it out, didn't really like the sheer number of individual parts in it.  I have most of the electronics and hardware lying around anyway, so I popped open my CAD software and designed my own chassis.

Tried out V1 today, found the blue camera issue and got the pin assignments sorted out, so I've got the lasers blinking and the turntable turning.

I initially set out to 3D print the chassis, but ended up laser cutting the bulk of it out of wood.  I initially went with a wooden laser/camera tower but I'm switching over to a 3D printed tower to increase stability, rigidity, add some points of articulation, make sure it doesn't curl in the humidity, etc.  Should also increase takeapartability.

I made some educated guesses on size.  I went for 250mm horizontal from table to lens, and close to that for laser to laser.  Camera height is approximately 60mm above the bed, I'm probably going to raise it.  These sound sane?

Pictures to come eventually.


Re: My self-made FreeLSS Scanner Project

Work begins on V2.  The wooden tower didn't give men enough articulation on the camera, so I've gone to a system similar to what's on the ATLAS.  The camera clamp also holds the laser arms.

I'm going to have to redo the wooden box, as it is too short.  The camera is too close to the turntable, it got closer by nearly 3cm when I swapped to the plastic tower.

I'm also getting something odd, my lasers are kind of blinking.  I think they're good enough, but we'll see.  I also get a hellacious noise from the stepper driver, I think I'm going to have to up the capacitance there.

Image below, if you can abide my hideously messy desk.