Topic: Humidity and clogs?

Hi all! I have been haveing this problem with this particular material, it is a kind of PET. The problem is that despite it is a really good material, strong, nice, I have many noozle clogs. Kind of a ramdom issue. I though temperature was the problem. It is not. I thought noozle was clogged. I clened it, I replaced it. Not the problem. I thought I had some thermal issue in the heatbreak. That was my most believed diagnois, but now Im really not sure. Printing etmperature is 230 degress. If it is a thermal heatbreak problem, something should happend if I heat the noozle and leave the filament there for some time... I did the test: I heat the noozle to 240 degrees, I leave the filament there for 2, 5 and even 15 minutes. The noozle leaks, there but even after 15 minuts of not extrudeing, I can start extrudeing with no problems. I assume that if the heat break is causeing problems, after 15 minutes I shuld get a clog... but I dont.

So my final theory is that the problem is humidity and the back pressure caused. Look at the video, you will see some manual extrudeing just some mms, and then you will see a different things being extruded, with a popcorn noise. But look how much and the speed of the material being extruded. That is caused by humidity right?
I can extrude very slowly, fast, very fast and I dont get a clog, even after extrudeing 10/20 cms of filament. But I have random clogs while printing. Is this because of humidity causeing backpressure when the noozle is printing against the plata/layers?

I have put the filament in the oven for 1 hs, some imprevement was detected but... I need to do it for more time? How much?
These days we have been haven bad wether, with 100% humidity on the air....

Thanks for your comments and help
video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBSgWnh … e=youtu.be