Topic: freelss v1.11 change 5 MP camera to 8 MP

Hello everybody,

  I decide to change 5 MP pixel to 8 MP and my freelss version is v1.11, therefore I need to change camera parameters in the software.
I searched the parameters in "RaspistillCamera.cpp" and "Camera.cpp" and found when using 5 MP camera(if I did the research right), horizontal direction active pixel number is 2592 and vertical is 1944, sensor active area width is 3.629 mm and height is 2.722. Therefore I add 8 MP option with: 3280 x 2464 active pixel, 3.674 x 2.760 sensor active area, but found the aquisition image is wrong. But if i change 3280 x 2464 active pixel to 3296 x 2512 total pixel, then image becomes normal. Can anybody tell me why?