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Topic: Getting ready to send you our filament samples!

Hi everyone!

I'm very happy to share with you that at Tiamet3D we're currently busy extruding the filament! Therefore, we'll be able to send you our free samples already this week! smile Sign up for them as well! Just send us your details on info@tiamet3d.com or join our mailing list.

Happy printing!



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Re: Getting ready to send you our filament samples!

checked out your web site. not much detailed info like what country your in other than the 6x higher Euro prices on unknown size rolls of unknown dia filament in unknown color. sorry I will stay with my current local suppliers in USA that sell virgin not recycled filament at way lower cost.

Solidoodle 2 with Deluxe kit cover & glass bed with heater. and 2nd board SD2 used not 3rd and alum platform not installed yet still wood. also need cooling fan installed to board. use Repetier Host couple vers. Slic3r also have all free ware STL programs


Re: Getting ready to send you our filament samples!

Hi n2ri!

Thanks for your feedback! Our website will be updated today and we'll try to include as much info as possible smile

For now, to answer your questions, we're based in the Netherlands, the rolls of each filament are in 0,5kg, 0,7kg and 1kg. The colours offered are the following:

PET - natural (greenish), black
PLA Ultra - white, black
Ultra Pro - two different grades, the first one comes in yellow and black
             - the second one comes in white and black

All black filaments are extra strong thanks to a small percentage of carbon fiber. Using this amazing treated CF allows us to add only a small amount of it which results in a much higher quality of the material.

Tiamet3D's pricing is competitive and reflects the level of quality and sustainability of our material. Its strenght and durability are comparable e.g. with material offered by Stratasys, which unlike us requires you to buy a printer of $20.000-$200.000 and then pay $675 for each spool of filament. Also, we're doing our best being environmentally friendly - using sustainable energy for extruding the filament and a smaller extruder, which is more efficient and consumes less energy.

All in all, our product will print better, stronger and stay cheaper than the competitors'.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesistate to get back to us smile

Have a good day!

Best regards,