Topic: Filament - ABS or PLA?

I have a Da Vinci 1.0 printer and I've only run ABS through it.
I've had my share of problems with this machine like the entire brass nozzle becoming encapsulated in filament and having to remove it, breaking the thermaster  wire soldering it back on, having it break again etc. Now, I'm looking to replace the nozzle.
That said:
Da Vinci says that I can use either ABS or PLA but I don't know what the differences are.
Can anyone explain the pros and cons of the 2 different types and how they work on a Da Vinci 1.0?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Filament - ABS or PLA?

The 1.0 can only use their brand PLA and even that is iffy. Many have had to do mods to keep the upper part of the nozzle cool enough so the PLA won't swell and jam.

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