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Topic: Any Ideas about his problem/filament

I made the decision to buy some cheep PLA and I may be reaping my reward. I printed a chess piece out and got some poor results. The print looked as if it had holes in it. Any ideas about a way to improve the quality?

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QT … &psc=1


Re: Any Ideas about his problem/filament


First I'd run the stl through something like netfabb and do a "fix" to be sure the stl file is good. Then I'd take a look at my slicing options and make sure they are set to sane values.

Last I'd attempt to "dry" the roll of PLA (low heat oven for a few hours, leave on low heat HBP for a few hours, whatever good option you can come up with) and then attempt another print. If the PLA still does poorly, at least you didn't waste a ton of cash on it.

Last option is to just buy a better roll of PLA and accidentally throw the other roll into a plastic recycle bin.